The new poster is for UAE and the movie will be releasing on November 30 in UAE. Just before it releases here in India, fans of the trio in UAE will be able to watch the movie first.

The film became a subject of numerous controversies even before its release.

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The film became a part of controversies with allegations being put that the film is depicting wrong facts where the activists vandalised the sets of the film. However, a sting operation conducted by an Indian news channel[31] showed that the activists had planted the controversies in order to extort money from the film makers. The vandalism resulted in broken mirrors installed in the Chittor Fort that were over 40 years old, as said by the Archaeological Survey of India.

In March 2017, while the cast and crew were filming a scene in Masai plateau, Kolhapur at night, a mob of around 20–30 people armed with petrol bombs, stones and lathis charged and ablazed the set hurting animals which were present at the time of the incident and destroying several costumes. The attacks were believed to be staged as certain Rajput groups claimed that the film includes a dream sequence where Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji will be seen in an intimate position, a claim which the team rebuffed being in the film.

In October 2017, a Rangoli of the first poster released from the film, which reportedly took 48 hours to create, was destroyed by a group of around 100 people shouting religious slogans. Deepika Padukone condemned this action and express her anger on this issue on social media following which action was taken by the police authorities.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is seeking a delay in the release of Padmavati because of Gujarat elections and the party wrote to the Election Commission, the Central Board of Film Certification and the Centre seeking to stop the film’s release till the elections.

Recently, we ran over another publication of Padmavati, a fan club of Deepika had posted on Twitter, where we can see the ravishing Deepika on it. Be that as it may, what got our eyeballs is the discharge date which is there on the notice.

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